Meysoon Katan  was born in 1981 Tehran.

She is a graduate of art school and graphic university and has worked professionally as a designer for many years. In every era, she  used the tools and technologies of that era and witnessed many developments in this direction. Therefore, she is well aware of being up-to-date and using new technologies. For almost ten years, she has been following her passion for painting on this art since she was a child.

During this period, she created a collection of works in which she examines social, psychological and human communication aspects with sensory and mystical perspectives, the subjects of her paintings are several women because by addressing women’s issues, they can reflect the experience Have their own ideas. It is better to show the limitations of women’s living.

She believes that the only principle in the world is change, and we experience life in different forms, and it is in this constant experience and change that we find maturity, the principle of accepting change and modifying our behavior patterns to understand deep concepts. makes it wet It will bring you closer to the universe.

Now she is ready for a bigger change, a change that already depends on a lot of our lives, and the speed of these developments is so high that we must prepare ourselves for the future ahead.

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